Modern / Contemporary: brazilian furniture design – Bolsa de Arte, São Paulo 2014

Between June 3 and July 29, the Bolsa de Arte Gallert gathered pieces of the most important names of Brazilian furniture design. Representatives of the modern period  (1940s, 50s and 60s)  until the protagonists of the contemporary scene and names of newest generations. The criterion that guided the exhibition was a not obvious character from what was disclosed in this panorama.

About the periods

The design of furniture had a heyday in Brazil between the 1940s and 1960s with great creators, almost always guided by an aesthetic aligned with the modernist architecture. In addition to pieces that got into the story, a great legacy of the movement was the introduction of aspects of Brazilianness in national furniture production, in contrast with the copyist culture that was imposed by then. Today, the activity lives again a time of unrest in the country. We cannot talk about a motion, maybe it does not fit to think as a generation (only). The expressive diversity and its creators profile are the brand of Brazilian contemporary furniture design that wins the world today, reliving with such distinct characteristics the recognition conferred by modern Brazilian designers for decades. Among the exponents of now, there are heirs of modernism, woodworkers, eclectic artists, nearby contemporary art designers, others caught up in popular culture. Wood, metal, plastic, acrylic, fabric and synthetic coatings are part of this vast universe in artisanal and industrial processes.

Curator: Alberto Vicente and Marcelo Vasconcellos

Accomplishment: Bolsa de Arte and MeMo Gallery, Olhares Publishing

Mounting: Studio Zanini

Lighting: Maneco Quinderé


From 4th of June until 29th of july, 2014

Bolsa de Arte Gallery
Rua Rio Preto, 63 – / Sao Paulo



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