Em Trânsito – The Shore Club, Miami

Convite abertura The Shore Club

On December 3rd happened the opening of the exhibition “Em Transito”, at the iconic Miami hotel The Shore Club. An exhibition celebrating the best of Brazilian design, with pieces never seen before.

ESPASSO, the premier design gallery and retailer in the US and UK for modern and contemporary Brazilian furniture, art and design objects, was in charge and curator of the event; an exhibition that traces the evolution of contemporary Brazilian design by showcasing never-before-seen furniture pieces by legends including Sergio Rodrigues, Oscar Niemeyer and Jorge Zalszupin, alongside new works that will premiere in the US by today’s celebrated designers including Carlos Motta, Zanini de Zanine, Claudia Moreira Salles, Fernando Mendes and Etel Carmona – all of whom have never exhibited in Miami before. The exhibition opened on December 3rd and will be on view until January 4, 2015 at The Shore Club, one of South Beach’s most iconic hotels, which will soon be completely redesigned by master Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld.

EM TRANSITO will unveil for the first time the last piece designed by Sergio Rodrigues before his recent passing, an armchair named after his grandson Benjamin. Also featured is the 60th anniversary edition of Rodriques’ Mocho stool, which will bear a specially created silver stamp to commemorate the milestone. An Oscar Niemeyer desk – which has never been produced – will also be on display and evokes his classic architectural designs. The first ever re-edition of Jorge Zalszupin’s Annette armchair and ottoman, which were originally designed in the 1960’s, will also premiere at the exhibit.

Other highlights include: Zanini de Zanine’s Jacaranda a completely original one-of-a-kind bench made of rare Brazilian rosewood; Carlos Motta’s Pinda chair, a completely handmade, ergonomically designed piece that evokes tactual sensuality with spikes along its back that contrast its smooth wood front; Claudia Moreira Salles‘ Concreto bench which is inspired by minimalist sculpture incorporates concrete and oak; Etel Carmona’s Suchus stool made of alligator skin and wood which recalls the elegance and forms of 1930’s design; and the Fernando Mendes and Julia Krantz designed Grude armchair which combines artisanal and contemporary carpentry techniques to transform compressed wood into a truly beautiful piece.

“I’m very excited and proud to be presenting a group of designers who truly represent the best of contemporary Brazilian design. This exhibit marks the first time we will be showcasing contemporary furniture in Miami and we are honored that these designers are collaborating with us to create a major moment for Espasso. Also with Isay Weinfeld designing The Shore Club, we could not think of a better location to premiere the exhibit,” said ESPASSO’s owner and curator Carlos Junqueira.

All of the pieces featured in EM TRANSITO are available for purchase through ESPASSO, which is the exclusive US retailer for all the works. EM TRANSITO’s host venue The Shore Club which will soon be completely redesigned by Isay Weinfeld who will transform the 3-acre beachfront property into a hotel and condominium complex for HFZ Capital Group.

Check out some pictures from the opening dinner and the exhibition pieces.

Convite abertura The Shore Club

Convite abertura The Shore Club

  • Convite abertura The Shore Club