Carlos Motta: Woodworker, Designer, Architect – Museu Oscar Niemeyer – Curitiba, Brazil 2011

“Carlos Motta: woodworker, designer and architect,” one of the most popular exhibitions that took place at the Museum Oscar Niemeyer – Curitiba, Brazil, happened at the room Frida Kahlo between May 26 and August 28, 2011. Curated and with concept of Consuelo Cornelsen, and over a hundred pieces, the exhibition told the history of four decades of the architect and designer, who developed his career in Sao Paulo and is already a reference in Brazil and abroad.

Moments before the opening ,at the 26th, the designer gave a lecture in the small auditorium of the Museum, with a presence on the bench of Bernadette Brandão, Iran Dudeque Taborda, Ivens Fontoura, João Suplicy, Ronaldo Duschenes, Salvador Gnoato and a special presence of the master Sergio Rodrigues, where it was found a public record, among various lectures that happened already at the Museum before.

“What strikes me more, is the fact that he develop a Brazilian language. The Italian architects and designers, for example, pass through other ways. But Motta, even by using, consciously, woods, has a unique style, openly Brazil”, said Museum Director Oscar Niemeyer, Estela Sandrini.

“The attitude and design by Carlos Motta are translatable in creativity, consistency and courage,” said Ivens Fontoura.

The more than one hundred pieces of furniture between chairs, tables and sofas, were executed with certified hardwoods and demolition, that reinvent themselves in new ways. Motta’s work is focused on creating utilitarian pieces that are intended to meet people’s needs, with a simple concern, as the artist often repeats, “the beautiful and durable must always be present in the final piece. Design, architecture, surfing, respect, love, socializing, breeding, air, water, food, pain, joy, and the infinitude of all that we live daily, is inseparable, there is no rupture, all together by which we have to ensure, to collaborate and maybe add. Life.”.

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