September 12, 2018


linha espasso foto longa

After more than 13 years working together, having Atelier Carlos Motta designing and executing furniture and Espasso believing, understanding and placing in the North American market and abroad, we realized that from this long and positive experience we would have the obligation to materialize the success of this partnership, the result of it. Therefore, Atelier Carlos Motta has developed a line of furniture especially for Espasso. In this line we continue to be consistent with our concepts, working with reused wood, in this case the Peroba Rosa. In some items, such as chairs and tables, we associate this noble material with oxidized iron.
The line has a simple but sophisticated aesthetic concept; the same happens with the constructive techniques adopted.
The whole line has its production very handcrafted, with woodworking excellence in solid wood and high quality upholstery. We rescued both woodworking and upholstery processes brought to Brazil by Europeans, more than two centuries ago.
The comfort always directed the projects of the Atelier Carlos Motta, having the researches in ergonomics as one of the prerequisites to reach good result.
This is the first time we have designed a line especially for a partner, a representative based outside Brazil.

September 12th through October 5th
Espasso Annex
186 Franklin Street
New York, NY

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