May 27, 2014

Modern/Contemporary: brazilian furniture design

                                                  Exposição Modernos Contemporaneos

A furniture exhibition at Galeria Bolsa de Arte contrasts the two most productive periods of Brazilian design, featuring a not obvious, but rare and limited-produced pieces .
Between June 3 and July 29, Galeria Bolsa de Arte gathers pieces from some of the most important names of Brazilian furniture design, from representatives of the modern era of the 1940s, 50s and 60s dedicated to the protagonists of the contemporary scene and names of newest generations. The criterion that guides the exhibition is the not obvious of what will be presented in this panorama.

” Behind all this production there is creative thinking and sometimes an artistic designer’s vision on aspects of our needs and the everyday. The formal solutions of each season depend on available resources, and reflections on what to do is also guided by temporal context, but what interests us is the essence of what makes each piece ‘timeless’, and the historical background helps to unravel it .”

Curation: Alberto Vicente e Marcelo Vasconcellos

Realization: Bolsa de Arte, Galeria MeMo, Editora Olhares

Instalation: Studio Zanini

Lightining: Maneco Quinderé

Galeria Bolsa de Arte

Rua Rio Preto, 63 – jardins

São Paulo, SP

11 3062 2333

Vernissage: 3 of June at 18:30h

Open exhibition to publico: from 04/06 to

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