August 28, 2013

Launching – Biguá Armchair

In May 2013, it was part of my proposal of five weeks on vacation in California, to return with new designs of furniture. Between rest and surf, I designed this armchair that was named “Biguá” (Cormorant).
The Cormorant is a friendly bird, easily found where there is water, lakes, rivers, seas. It has been a companion in hours of surfing where both surfers and he pass beneath the wave, at the time to go through the surf break, exactly like surfers do. This movement became known worldwide as “duck dive”. The name of the chair is to honor our fellow Cormorant (Biguá).
This chair with simple lines and pure wood, without upholstery, has a proposal to offer great comfort and a a correct ergonomic position.
It was designed based on the measures of the reclaimed wood beams.
The Biguá Armchair is part of a long research I have been doing with reclaimed woods, and this piece belongs to the family of the already known armchairs Asturias, Parati, Braz, Rio Manso, Santa Rita, Radar, PPD Sofa, Mantiqueira Sofa, and a number of other pieces that I have been designing and producing.

Poltrona Biguá de Peroba Rosa

Poltrona Biguá de Peroba Rosa

Poltrona Biguá de Perobinha do Campo

Poltrona Biguá de Perobinha do Campo


  1. ronald sussmann said:

    Carlos Motta.
    Cada vez melhor, que nem vinho.
    As peças são lindas.

  2. Adriana Lichtenfels Riccio said:

    Peças ecologicamente corretas e trabalhadas.
    Lindas, simples, sofisticadas. E quanta vontade de sentar que dá!

  3. Airton pimenta said:

    100% Confortável

  4. Margarete Santos said:

    Parabéns Carlinhos, linda Poltrona! bjão da Maga

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