November 7, 2012

Relaunching of Classics: Atelier Collection

I began my work with design in 1975. I graduated in architecture in 1976, and at the same year moved to Santa Cruz, California to study woodworking and construction techniques.

In 78 I return to Sao Paulo and go straight to the neighborhood of Vila Madalena, place that at the 75s had already generously welcomed me. I start my company: Atelier Carlos Motta.

For a long time I sailed solitary at this delicious profession of designing and executing wooden furniture, sophisticated, well finished and with environmental and social responsibilities.

One evening in October of 88, returning home from my workshop, I stopped and got off my bike to notice a new establishment in Pinheiros. It was a beautiful barn, stuffed with furniture and wooden objects, wonderful.

I realized that there was a strong new concurrent, making impecable furniture and objects.

I made sure to get to know the responsible person for all this beauty and quality.

– Nice meeting you, Etel.

It was an instant friendship. And more than that, the certain that one day we would do something together.

That was in 1988, and now in 2012 we are launching the result of our partnership.

Etel, with her impeccable staff, will produce a large part of one of my furniture lines, the Atelier Line.

The Atelier Line is formed mostly by chairs and armchairs. The pieces are lean, sophisticated and with an ergonomic, constructive and aesthetic high qualities.

Those are classic pieces, does not come into fashion, not out of style. Utilitarian pieces designed to fullfil the most diverse requests, such as Estrela Chair, for the exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Salvador (1979), the Layla Chair, for my wife breastfeed my daughter (1988), the Luna Armchair designed for the Palace of Alvorada in Brasilia, requested by the office of Oscar Niemeyer (1990), and so on.

Etel and I were never competitors. On the contrary. We are always updating our issues, trying to find consistent solutions between work and our planet.
I confess I was very jealous to see my chairs being produced elsewhere, but I confess that I am very happy to see the pieces being made with the same care, the same respect and most of all, with the same environmental and social responsibility.

Cheers Etel! Good luck to us!



  1. guilherme said:

    Carlos, meus parabéns!

    Acho que este é mais um desafio com grande beleza, que é colocado para o público entender as boas coisas do design. Penso que esse bom gosto não se tem de uma hora para outra, espero conhecer de perto a sua linha produzida pela Etel. Boa sorte!

  2. Vadim said:

    A Estrela é fantástica, um dia um vou ter uma. Meu sonho de consumo.

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